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Nice to meet you!

Posted: Dec 19 2014



Since we’re just getting to know each other, I thought that I’d share some things about myself in the hope that you’ll do the same……

Ok, here goes…

  • I’m a follower of Jesus and awed that He loves me more, wife to a great guy, mummy to an adorable 6 year old boy
  • At 5ft 4 and 125lbs, people call me “small” but I don’t get that at all…..
  • I could live in dresses and blazers! forever..........seriously……..
  • Last year, I cut my hair to only about 1/2inch to get rid of years of processing and get back to the “natural me”
  • I’m a science geek
  • Desert is now frozen yogurt, used to be chocolate ice cream/cake, could change again next year.......
  • I hate driving downtown Houston because when I first moved to this city, I went downtown for a meeting and was driving on the train tracks and didn’t even know it! I was wondering why people were waving their hands at me…..
  • I DO NOT like shopping malls! Back to school shopping for my son is one of the few times you’ll catch me at the mall…unless I’m going to a particular store for something very specific!
  • I have 3 ear piercings on each year. The first was done at birth… the other 2 when i was about 14 by my 14 year old cousin using ice cubes (to numb the ear) and a safety pin! ouch! and I didn't get an infection! hehehe……
  • oh.... and if you didn't know it yet, I'm the designer/owner of this fabulous brand ada kwube! 

    your turn! I'd love to know a little bit about you too! go ahead and add your comments below....

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