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Forget-me-not day

Posted: Dec 10 2014

 today is forget-me-not-day! I’m not kidding….


And it got me thinking about the elderly people in my life. My grandparents are long gone, but I’ve been blessed with some older folk in my life who I consider to be dear friends, pseudo-parents and mentors. I truly love spending time with old folk! They tell you what they think because they have nothing to prove and frankly don’t care what you think about what they have to say! And they have so much wisdom to share.

All this reminds me of the african proverb, “when an old man dies, a library burns to the ground”

Make time for the elderly folk in your life! Cherish the time you have with them and don't let that library burn to the ground! 

do you have older people in your life that you spend or need to spend more time with? please share!


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