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Style Obsession - Blazers!

Posted: Dec 23 2014

I shared in a prior post that I could live in dresses and blazers....forever! There's just something about a well-made blazer that sets my blood flowing and makes my heart skip a beat! It's a serious addiction! Once my eyes spy that perfect blazer, I dream about it and style it in my head until my fingers find themselves clicking buy on the website hosting the current object-of-my-craving...

So, I decided to share with you the reasons WHY I love blazers so much and also point you to some fabulous options available right now. Are you ready? LET'S GO!!!!

Reasons for my obsession:

  • Versatilty - Blazers are one of the most versatile closet pieces! dress em up or dress em down, the right blazer has the gift of adding just the right amount of pop to an outfit!
  • Classic - These darlings have been around for ever! Whether in a menswear inspired silhouette or something more girly, there's a classic blazer out there for you!
  • Layering ease - I live in Houston where it feels like everyone is constantly competing for the title of "highest electric bill"! Seriously.... even in the heat of summer, I find many restaurants and offices too cold for my taste. A nice blazer helps me stay warm and stylish at the same time!

Okay, enough already right? hehe! I hear you! See some fab options and where to buy below. Happy Shopping!

1) H&M biker jacket (too cute!!): Light pink biker jacket  2) Zara blazer with contrast cuffs (love the color!): yellow blazer with contrast cuffs 3) Zara black combined lapel blazer : black tuxedo style blazer 4) Zara blazer with elbow patches (oooh! so british!): brown blazer with elbow patches 5) Zara flowy blazer with zips: green khaki blazer with zips 6) H&M short jacket : cream and black striped jacket



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