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Power Style MUST-HAVE’S for 2015!!!

Posted: Jan 02 2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Wishing you an amazingly stylish 2015!!

 I've been thinking about the word "style" and wondering, what is style?? 

How you dress is an important part of your style. But I believe the word “style” encompasses so much more than that! I believe that the aura and scent that you give off IS part of your style! Have you ever come across someone and you can’t quite figure out why that person stuck in your memory? There’s just something about that person that makes them stand out and oh so hard to forget!

I believe that true style, POWER STYLE is wholistic, inside and out stylishness! I believe it's the style that we can see and the style that we perceive that meld together to create this sweet attractive aura that people can't get enough off...

(you thought this write-up was going to be all about your closet? right??? wrong! gotcha! hehe!)


Well, 2015 is here! If you want to have POWER STYLE in this new year, here are some things to work on:

  • Your thought pattern: “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”. What are you thinking about? About yourself? About others? The more we magnify our problems and look at our cup as half full, the bigger issues become and the more bitter we become. It shows on the outside! Decide instead to focus on growing your areas of strength. If an area of weakness is a “deal-breaker”, work to bring it up to average, but if you focus your energy on harnessing your areas of strength, you’ll go further.
  • Your words: What are you saying? About yourself? About others? Some of us have the “gift of criticism”. But I’m learning more and more that  “a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down”. Words have the power to heal and the power to kill! Choose yours wisely.
  • Your friends: Who do you surround yourself with? Who do you share your dreams with? Surround yourself with people who’ll challenge you to grow in the direction of your dreams.
  • Your dress: ok! ok! I couldn’t avoid this one! hehe! Seriously though…. even though we’re not supposed to “judge a book by it’s cover”, as human beings we’re very visual! Your first impressions of a person are often tied to how they look. So in 2015, dress how you want to be treated! Trust me, you don’t have to break the bank to accomplish this… But if you’ve observed that people often address you in ways that maybe you don’t particularly like, maybe you should think about the impressions you’re making with your dress.


Hoping that you have an amazing, POWERFULLY STYLISH 2015!!!!



What do you think about any of these? Please share your comments below.

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