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Powerful, Brilliant and STYLISH female business leaders

Posted: Feb 09 2015

Marissa Mayer at the Met Ball in 2010 : CEO Yahoo (YHOO)

This week, I’m switching gears and talking about something that’s very dear to my heart: successful women! I’m inspired by the women who’ve gone before me and made their mark in this world, especially in male-dominated industries.

I especially admire female business leaders who are confident enough about who they are and what they've accomplished that they feel comfortable looking like chic ladies and not like men! The notion that a woman shouldn't be taken seriously if she looks like one in the workplace is so outdated and sexist, it really annoys me…… can you tell ? :)

So, I decided to scan the Corporate world and shine my spotlight on some of the amazing women who are doing great things while still looking cute! So come along and let’s take a peek at some of these C-suite fashonistas!

Marissa Mayer -  CEO of Yahoo. This woman not only became the youngest-ever CEO of a Fortune 500 company, she also gave birth while running a Fortune 500 company! Now, some people were upset that she only took a two-week maternity leave, but being that I’m originally from Africa, I can tell you that many women in third world countries do not have the luxury of taking several weeks or months off after having a baby! Not that we  should compare these women with Marissa as she’s obviously wealthy enough to do pretty much whatever she wants, but I’m saying this to point out the fact that for many women in poor countries, getting up and going to work, whether it be on a farm or at a market stall a few days after giving birth is a harsh and sad reality. I will talk about this more in a future post……

But going back to the topic of style, Marissa is one hot CEO! I love her style both during the day and night! I copied these pics from various websites….


What do you think about her style?


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