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Our Story

 style philosophy

We love classic fabric and adore ethnic prints. We think this pairing is a match made in heaven. We are inspired by the rich, decades long heritage of these native prints and are amazed by that fact that something as simple as an African wax print dress connects a woman in a dusty African village with a woman in a New York City boardroom.

We incorporate hints of african wax and other ethnic prints in our pieces in versatile ways that make it easy to wear whenever and to wherever you want. 

We believe that a woman should be able to wear clothing that makes her feel feminine and still be taken seriously. 

We know that a well-made dress can make a woman feel special and ready to take on the world. Our pieces are all made to last, of high quality fabrics, right here in the USA.

We are committed to bringing stylish, well-made apparel to discerning women around the world.

We believe that your dress says a lot about you…….

We invite you to allow ada kwube to be part of the language of your life.


how we got here

ada kwube (pronounced “aahdaa coobay”) was born out of a strong, insuppressible desire to share my love for unique clothing that melds classic silhouettes and ethnic prints with other women.

I started designing my own clothes when I was a teenager, and have always loved finding interesting fabric and turning it into my own one-of-a-kind dress.

I grew up in Africa, surrounded by african wax print. My mother wore it, so did my grandmother, my aunts and every other woman that I knew. They made occasion dresses out of it, but it was also very popular for swaddling crying babies across their backs to comfort them. Even today, the unique scent of the fabric brings back strong memories of my childhood and in my mind’s eye, I can see my mother standing in front of her large trunk box, unwrapping a new piece of african wax print fabric to wear to her ladies meeting.

I merge the richly traditional african wax print of the land of my birth as well as other ethnic prints, with classic fabrics and modern styling, to create unique contemporary pieces that tell the story of our world, and remind us that the past is part of the present and that people, regardless of where they are, are not that different after all.

ada is a name that is reserved for the first born daughter of a family and this part of the name is for the strong, rock of support that is my mother. kwube means “to speak”. Hence the lips for our brand logo.

All our pieces are made in the USA and we work with skilled craftswomen (and men) mainly in New York City and Houston.


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